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The editorial

Vesica Piscis was born with the new millennium, following a series of synchronicities that led to Robert Munck and Silvia Duran, to choose Spain as host land. Over these years, Munck and Duran have positioned Vesica Piscis as a small publisher but with deep and solid themes. "We have always chosen the titles that we would have liked to find in a bookstore to buy them. It is not economic logic but it is very humanly pleasing, "says Sylvie Duran,

Thus Vesica Piscis celebrated its first decade in 2010, with themes on spirituality, new age and personal growth. Without renouncing his legacy, Vesica Piscis ten years later took another step in his commitment to change and social evolution. Vesica Piscis Evolucionaria, a line whose aim is to divulge to the authors of greater international projection and depth in the definition of the new paradigm from the organization in the companies to the evolution of the people.

The name of the publisher, "Vesica Piscis", comes from sacred geometry. The almond shape in the center of the two interlocking circles illustrates the fusion of the physical and metaphysical world, the visible and the invisible, the action and the intention. It is the particular place where you access information that enables balance, successful integration of opposites, alignment of body, mind and spirit.

With the motto The future is now, Vesica Piscis is the expression of a small and committed team, an independent structure of large publishing groups, with the vision that the world is changing inexorably and that this is the best thing that can happen to The humanity ...

The name "Vesica Piscis" comes from sacred geometry, the science that describes the divine harmony of our world.

The vesica piscis is represented by the intersection of two identical circles, each of which has the center in the circumference of the other. It is also the symbol of common foundations, shared vision and mutual understanding between equal individuals.

We publish outstanding authors whose vision favors a new paradigm on reality. Our purpose is to contribute to the creation of a more just and sustainable society, a society that values ​​freedom and the evolution of consciousness and encourages individuals to express their unique talents.

In Vesica Piscis, we would like to know about you, how you have been impacted reading our titles and know your suggestions and ideas.

We are very grateful for your fidelity and happy to build an effective collaboration together.

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